Why Do We Need a Water Filter?

As you probably know, water is the source of life. But particularly water can bring harmful substances to our organism, and that is how it becomes a source of danger. Water that originally comes from the tan is not healthy and useful. So, what do we need to do? Buy bottled-water? Is boiling water a solution? Or maybe buying a water filter is enough to stay healthy?

So, let`s figure out: why do we need a water filter? Obviously, to clean up the water. As there are several types of water filters the question is: which one to choose?

A water softener is easy to use, but don’t have a multi-level cleaning option. What is more, this kind of filter requires changing the cartridge every month, which is not thrifty.

Water Coolers are more popular. They are able to make a deeper cleansing than the water softeners. You also need to change the cartridges in them every 2 or 3 months. Nevertheless, you can take a water cooler with you to the country house or picnic. Or you can install a specific cartridge to iodinate or fluoridize the water. The main disadvantage of this filters is that there is a limited amount of water you can clean. In addition, you need to wait for the water to filter, so it is a bit time-consuming.

Under sink, filler systems are the most effective. Usually, specialists install the total system, so that water can be cleaned from bigger admixtures such as sand, pipe`s pieces or dirt at first, and after that to be cleaned from harmful bacteria and other unhealthy substances. So, you have a multi-level cleansing process that makes sure your drinking water is safe.

Formerly, people just boiled the water. Why do we need a filter, if such an easy procedure kills all the harmful bacteria? The fact is that boiling doesn’t guarantee the water safety. Boiling kills the bacteria, but water also contains other substances. Harmful substances can accumulate in our organism for years which makes them even more dangerous than bacteria.

It is no surprise that nowadays our grocery stores have a wide variety of bottled water to choose from. Again, why do we need a filter if it is possible to buy a bottled water? Simple as that. Сonscientious manufacturers use the same cleansing methods as household filters. However, filter system installation is way more reasonable and cheap than buying a bottled water every day. What is more, unfortunately, grocery stores don’t guarantee the quality of water you buy.

The water in our tans also becomes worse every day and there is no hope that things will get better. Obviously, it is your personal choice to use water filters or not. The price also plays an important part, but there are many possibilities to clean up the water and doesn’t overpay. Water filters are the only option to provide your family with the necessary amount of clean and safe drinking water.

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