How to prepare a house for a move

All that moving hassle makes people forget about important stages of the moving process. And the preparation of the house you are moving to is one of those moments people forget about. We have talked over this issue with experts from Toronto mover firm. Click here to learn about the best place to store the furniture during relocation.

Toronto mover professionals say that the wider the rooms in the apartment or house are, the less trouble you will have to prepare them for the move. Unfortunately, modern apartments often resemble crannies alley and long narrow corridors. So, it is sometimes very difficult to move the bulky furniture in such passages without damaging neither the things nor the walls. The most difficult case is moving to a small apartment with a nice expensive repairs and interior decorating.

So, how to protect a home you are moving to from damaging?
Doors can be protected from damaging if wrapped in a polyethylene wrap. In some cases it is necessary to disassemble the door frames, if some furniture pieces do not fit into narrow openings. The floors can be protected with a solid plastic wrap, cardboard, or old carpets in extreme cases. Then your flooring or laminate will not be affected even if the movers would have toppled something on it. This technique also helps to secure a job, if the floor in the hallway is covered with slippery tiles.

The most difficult thing is to protect walls and ceiling from damaging - as it is impossible to protect them with polythene or cardboard. In this case it is necessary to apply the so-called backup methods. Think in advance how and where you are going to place the furniture. Draw up a picture or a scheme of all the things arrangement and show it to movers you work with. This will help you to avoid the absurdities like: moving a heavy cabinet to the farthest room first and then drag it back to the entrance.

Measure the width and the height of doorways and arches. Perhaps some things will not fit in low or narrow openings. Then you will have to either expand the passage, or disassemble the furniture that would require additional time.

Lawrence Mack for experienced Toronto mover about the difference between professionally and self-organized relocation.

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