How to prepare a cottage for a summer

When first May weekends are approaching, people feel the need to spend a few days in the open air, enjoying spectacular scenery and tranquility. Many in this case prefer to go to their country cottages, but they must be cleared up after a long winter.

First of all, your country house needs a thorough airing and wet cleaning, if you do not want the accumulated during long winter months dust to mar your holidays. Very often, rodents settle in the house when the hosts are absent, so there is a need to treat the premises with chemicals and chlorine to avoid contamination.

When cleaning is completed, it is necessary to evaluate the appearance of the interior of a country house: are you satisfied with it or is there a need to change any details? Many postpone this issue for later and do not hurry to throw shabby furniture away or paint faded walls. You should know that these insignificant little things may poison your mood, so it is better to take care of them in advance.

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