How to move large household appliances to a new house safely

Each house has at least 3 bulky household appliance: a TV set, washing machine and refrigerator. You need to transport them safely when moving to a new house. However, you must remember that fragile household appliances must be handled carefully in the course of transportation, in order to avoid their damage and deterioration.

How to safely deliver the equipment... so that nothing was broken or scratched? The main and fundamental rules is: All the appliances must be transported in upright position. Reliable and secure attachment to the body of the car is also required. The heaviest appliances (such as a refrigerator) are placed in the truck first of all. It should be tightly fixed with soft straps. It is good if you have an opportunity to the transportation all the household appliances in a separate truck. It is also recommended to hire a qualified professional to manage the loading/unloading process. Read how to prepare a house for a move.

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