Lighting solutions for landscaping

Many people consider landscape lighting an unnecessary luxury element, forgetting about its practical side - security and good orientation in close to the house area in the dark. Lighting of house entrance, stairs, walkways, entry to the territory, gazebos, ponds, of course, decorates the territory, but their practical purpose - securing of human movement is much more important. In addition, decorative lighting of house facade, trees, shrubs, fountains and other design elements of adjoining the house areas also provide a good orientation. So, decorative landscape lighting also performs a functional role.

Of course, working conditions of outdoor lighting sources differ from indoor lights and therefore, there are special requirements for durability, moisture and frost resistance. In winter, they are used in bad weather conditions (frost, snow, blizzards), in autumn and spring time they are exposed to moisture, wind, rain, and in summer - to heat and sun rays. Outdoor lighting fixtures must be strong enough to withstand such loads. It is also important that these devices, for outdoor lighting were safe enough.

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