Tips to furnish and equip your apartment without spending a fortune

Buying a long-awaited apartment poses new owners even more complicated task- how to beat the housing. To feel truly at home, everyone wants to arrange an apartment on their own. If you listen to the advice of experienced designers, you will not make a fatal error and your efforts will not go in vain.

Before you buy new furniture, inspect your existing interior elements and try to predict the design of the room in general. Imagine in detail what kind of furniture you want in your home, what style it should be. Seek help in the Internet, look through furniture catalogs, take a stroll through furniture stores, this will help you to assess your financial capabilities and choose preferences.

You also need to define the color palette of the room. Furniture shades will affect the location of the color spots all over the apartment. After having put in the furniture you will start complementing the ambience in the rooms with the curtains, carpets or cushions. By varying of their color, you will be able to reinforce or neutralize the presence of any color in the rooms. To give the desired tone to the walls, you can use pictures, posters or murals. Before buying all this stuff, measure all the rooms, doorways, the width of the elevator cab, and bring these records with you to the furniture store. Be especially careful with folding furniture.

The basis of any room is large furniture. For this reason you should buy it in the first place. If already in the apartment the furniture you like and you are not going to change it, then pay attention that new acquisitions were in the same color scheme and stylistic direction. In purchasing furniture haste is not the best assistant. Go around all the furniture stores, consider all possible options, and compare prices. Buying interior is not for one year, so take your time, go and analyze. Easy go and remember, the more time you spend on the situation of your home, the more joy it will bring you in the future.

Develop a habit of making rational and economical use of the apartment requires considerable self - denial, especially if we do not have in itself the germs of ecological thinking. To change the daily habits we should make at least for the economic factor. How we settle our home also depends on how efficiently we use energy. With proper arrangement we save energy and don't skimp on comfort. We don't often do repairs, arrange furniture or put up lights, so it is very important to do it correctly immediately.

Ted Greene, an interior designer, about loans and rent-to-own opportunities.

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