Fire safety of a private house

An old English proverb - My home is my fortress - has become one of the most popular in modern world. More and more wealthy people tend to go out of the metropolis, to acquire housing and settle down in the suburbs. But any fortress needed to be protected, and the landlord immediately faces the questions of protection from a variety of disasters, and fire is one of them. However, forewarned one is forearmed, as any trouble can be avoided if to take a number of reasonable fire safety measures in advance. This will be discussed in this article. Click here if you are interested in other issues related to up-to-date housing arrangement.

The owner of a private house can provide a series of measures at the very beginning of construction that will help him in future to avoid serious problems. And it should be noted that modern technologies were designed to help these people. In particular, non-combustible insulation and ingrained materials should be used for the construction of the building. Incombustible insulation materials from various manufacturers are technologically dissimilar, but nevertheless have a number of common features. Most importantly, they fulfill two main functions: on the one hand, they are thermal insulators, i.e., help maintain a comfortable temperature in the house, and on the other - protect the building from fire thanks to specific properties. Their common feature is the inability to sustain combustion. Such materials are resistant to temperature fluctuations (mode and durable. In addition, they provide durable insulation of external walls of the building.

It often happens that a house in a city suburbs is located at a considerable distance from the fire department. In this case, individual fire alarm and extinguishing systems that are designed to quickly and comprehensively eliminate the conflagration will help to deal with the problem. Conventionally, all extinguishing agents can be divided into two large groups: local application (extinguishers of various kinds) and systematic application (sprinkler system). As a rule, one group complements the other, that is, even if a house is equipped with alarm and sprinkler system, the availability of fire extinguishers is very desirable.

Carolyn Sherman for about fire alarm system as a mandatory element of building safety.

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