Fire extinguishers as a tool of private houses protection

Fire extinguishers are the most common means of private house protection from fire. Individual fire protection devices recommended for using in private houses are divided into powder, carbon dioxide and air-foam extinguishers, depending on the mode of action of active substance and composition used in them. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Thus, powder extinguishers are charged with finest powder of general (for fires of class A, B and C or special purpose (for fires of class E) and pumped with a gas (air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide) up to a pressure of 16 atmospheres. Powder extinguishers may be used at a temperature of -40 (may be stored in an unheated room) and up to +50 C. Their disadvantages include the fact that while extinguishing, suspended particles remain in the air, then they easily penetrate audio, video and other equipment, leading to its damage. In addition, powder cakes with the time, so every 5 years, fire extinguisher must be recharged.

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