Tips to evaluate a house before buying it

Sometimes, after buying a new house a new owner might find out a number of significant defects veiled by attractive look. A seller will not probably mention the shortcomings, therefore it is better to contact the agency or turn to experts who know what can be hidden behind beautiful wallpapers.
In private homes is necessary to pay attention to the specifications.
- The Foundation on which the house sits. If the house is old, determine whether overhaul of the foundation was made, whether it is strengthened if it is dry.
- Communications and Service. Check if there is central heating, sewage, water supply.
- State of the walls and roof. Look for cracks. If you find ones, you should know that there might problems with the foundation.
- Condition of wiring. This point requires special attention because unsatisfactory condition of wiring might cause dangerous situations and lead to the fire.

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